Clerk & Master, Chancery Court

Elaine B. Beeler


Williamson County Judicial Center
135 4th Avenue South, Room 236
Franklin, TN 37064

Ph: (615)790-5428
Fx: (615)790-5626

8:00 am - 4:30 pm


The Clerk and Master is appointed by the Circuit Judges serving as Chancellors for Williamson County.  The Clerk and Master serves as Clerk for the Chancery Court and Master in appropriate proceedings.

The Clerk and Master, as Clerk of Chancery Court, is required by statute to:

  • Attend court
  • Enter the minutes of the court
  • File and enter all documents, pleadings, papers, and exhibits
  • Invest funds under the Clerk's control
  • Keep rule and execution dockets
  • Perform all other duties as required by law

The Clerk and Master issues letters of administration and testamentary; issues letters of guardianship and conservatorship; appoints administrators, executors, guardians and conservators;  receives and adjudicates all claims;  probates wills in common form; determines allowance to the surviving spouse and family of a decedent and determines homestead and elective share; takes and states all accounts and settlements; and hears and determines all probate matters, as the Chancellor deems appropriate, except solemn form probates and will contests.

Chancery Court is a court of equity with concurrent jurisdiction with Circuit Court of all divorce actions and of all civil cases, except those for unliquidated personal damages, and unliquidated property damage not founded in contract.

In Williamson County, the Chancery Court has exclusive jurisdiction over the administration of estates, including estates of decedents and estates of wards under guardianship or conservatorship. All petitions to administer an estate, probate a will, appoint a guardian for a minor, and appoint a conservator for a disabled person must be filed in Chancery Court.   By local rule, petitions for adoption must be filed in Chancery Court.  

In Williamson County, a lawsuit is filed each year in Chancery Court for collection of delinquent taxes. To pay search, view and pay current property taxes, please visit the Williamson County Tennessee Trustee's Website.

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