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For additional information, all deputy clerks are available for assistance. Please call (615)-790-5428.

Department/Topic Contact Name
Estate Accountings Paulette Maxwell 
Adoptions Clerk and Master
Sara Weems
Appeals  Sara Weems
Child Support Payments Beverly Smithson
Delinquent Taxes Shirley Russell
Destruction Of Temporary Records Debra Stevens
Docket Information Shana Jones
Debra Stevens
Executions and Garnishments Sara Weems
Paulette Maxwell
Funds Held by Clerk and Master Sara Weems
Minute Orders Amy Hardy
Shana Jones
Probate Paulette Maxwell
Shana Jones


Note: General information regarding documents filed, docket numbers, and motion days can be obtained from any deputy clerk. 

Clerk & Master Fax Number - 615-790-5626

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